Level 2 Teaching Aquatics

Level 2 Teaching Aquatics (syllabus)

The Level 2 Certificate for Teaching Aquatics is an all-inclusive qualification that sits as the second formally assessed qualification on the teaching qualifications pathway. It consists of 8 units. Units 201, 202 and 204 are common core units to all of the Aquatic Strands (Teaching Aquatics, Diving, Swimming Coaching, Synchronised Swimming and Water Polo) and have a focus on “how to teach/coach” skills and as such can be delivered to a mixture of candidates from all these strands. Units 203.1 and 205 TA – 208 TA are focused on Teaching Aquatics, covering a range of technical knowledge and practical skills. Once qualified the holder of the Level 2 Certificate for Teaching Aquatics is able to plan, deliver and evaluate a series of consecutive lessons within the context of a scheme of work delivered within a Learn to Swim environment, unsupervised.

The following pre-requisites apply:

-Minimum age is 18 years old on day 1 of the course.

Hold one of the following qualifications:

– Swim Ireland Level 1 Certificate for Teaching Aquatics
– Swim Ireland Level 1 Certificate for Teaching Swimming post 2002
– Swim Ireland Assistant Teacher Certificate (Swimming) post September 1994
– Gained exemption prior to the learning programme from Swim Ireland
– Candidate must have attended a Level 1 Safeguarding Course or Sport NI Child Protection Awareness Workshop.
– In line with Coaching Ireland requirements, the candidate must have evidence of having planned (and delivered) a 12 week cycle or equivalent competition cycle, within a registered Swim Ireland Club or can provide evidence of at least 15 hours teaching practice

For candidates looking to do Level 2 Teaching Aquatics specific units of the course only, additional pre-requisites apply. Candidates must hold at least one of the following qualifications:

-Swim Ireland Level 2 Coaching Swimming
-Swim Ireland Level 2 Coaching Water Polo
-Swim Ireland Level 2 Coaching Diving
-Swim Ireland Level 2 Coaching Synchronised Swimming
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